My Rose of Bulgaria

Inspired by the priceless qualities of the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose and the extract derived from it, we created our brand My Rose of Bulgaria. It is a combination of the experience in the traditional production of rose oil and modern trends in cosmetic care. That is how, the high European quality and the Bulgarian symbol of beauty and eternal youth can reach anywhere in the world to give you a unique experience.

My Rose of Bulgaria is based on the natural extract of the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena, that is in every product.

The brand offers essential skincare, divided into four categories that are indispensable for every woman’s daily skincare ritual: gentle facial cleansing, anti-aging skincare, hydrating bath products and the irresistible instant refreshment.

Dressed in an exquisite design, the products gift you with the captivating aroma of Bulgarian roses and velvety, tempting and fast absorbing textures.

We give a piece of the queen of flowers to every woman who carries a queen inside her.

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Bulgarian Rose

It all starts in the 17th century, when the Rosa Damscena was cultivated in Bulgaria for the first time.

This special species Rosa Damascena is grown in a place with an exceptional climate – the world famous Rose Valley, in the heart of Bulgaria.

The flowers of the roses are collected by hand, at sunrise, before they bloom.

This is how, ones of the most valuable ingredients of the cosmetics industry is preserved and passed on: the rose oil and extract.

Known as the queen of flowers, Rosa Damascena the inspirer of stories of eternal youth and gives an irresistible fragrance.

The action of the My Rose of Bulgaria products is due to the natural extract of the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena. It has a number of proven, beneficial and highly valued effects on the skin:

  • Regenerates the skin cells
  • Soothes
  • Nourishes
  • Tones
  • Antioxidant action